Case Studies

Project at a Glance

Client: Spectrum Products

Product: 120 different components

“Diversified Plastics’ solution-oriented approach saved us time and money with our parts procurement. More important, Diversified Plastics has the ability to take our conceptual ideas and generate molds and/or processes to make quality parts and provide real customer care. To be a total solution provider — from model to finished parts in a very short time."

— Ben Tiffin, Manager of engineering,
Spectrum Products

Diversified Plastics Case Study —
Cost Reductions through Process Improvements

The Client Challenge

Spectrum Products was sourcing multiple parts and components from multiple sources. While it was getting quality products, the process was inefficient and expensive — especially on some of its short-run products — which cut into its profit margin. A Diversified Plastics sales specialist called on the OEM customer and walked through our variety of fabrication processes.

The Diversified Plastics Solution

The Diversified Plastics team reviewed specifications for each component and was able to produce parts using the most cost-effective method available, by part. Parts were injection molded, machined (manually and with CNC machines), cast out of urethane and also vacuum formed. We even combined processes when called for. We also machined low-volume prototypes then converted to injection molding at a later date — including custom coloring and logos — for larger production runs.

We became this customer’s fabrication partner — testing new designs, producing a wide array of components, incorporating a variety of materials, and reducing inventory with quick-turn production and just-in-time delivery — all of which helped to reduce its costs.

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