Medium Duty (top image)
Heavy Duty (bottom image)

Drag Chain

CAPABILITY: Fabrication & Machining
INDUSTRY: Forest Products
INDUSTRY 2: Pulp & Paper

Drag Chain Sprockets (Chain-Saving Sprockets)

Diversified Plastics offers a line of heavy duty, chain-saving drive and idler sprockets ranging from 132 mill chain up to 480 drag chain. Our sprockets remove the steel-to-steel contact that causes barrel wear. They also absorb shock, which is the leading cause of chain stretch.

Photo (top) – The customer in this photo had been getting less than one year's usage from his 110 drag chain that ran on flame cut steel sprockets. Both sprockets in the "S" drive were replaced with Diversified Plastics' chain-saving sprockets and new chain was installed. At the time of this photo both the chain and sprockets were more than 4 1/2 years old.


  • Prevents premature wear on expensive chains caused by metal-to-metal contact & shock loading
  • Available in Drive or Idler
  • Available in medium- or heavy-duty versions
  • Lightweight
  • Idler versions available with no lube bores
  • Lightweight aides in ease of installation