Oregon Bend

Oregon Bend is used in many applications in the forest product industry. Because it has a low coefficient of friction, it allows the chain to flow more smoothly. This helps to have longer wear on your chains. Oregon Bend comes in custom sizes and is easily installed.

Sorter System Parts

Sorter System Parts are widely accepted and used throughout the wood products industry. Our capabilities have allowed us to manufacture and stock a variety of sizes and materials used in numerous mills throughout the country.

Forest Products

Forest Products

Diversified Plastics provides custom plastic components throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our parts fit a variety of applications in the forest product industry from OEMs to end users, from sorter system parts to urethane rolls to a variety of sprockets and gears. The use of plastic is endless in this industry.


  • Lumber mills
  • Panel plants
  • Fiberboard / MDF / OSB

Forest products is just one industry that is experiencing the long wear performance that plastic sprockets offer compared to traditional steel sprockets.