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MultiFab Sprockets

MultiFab Wastewater Sprockets™

Most wastewater sprockets are cast, molded or machined from a single material. That means you give up something, because different components of a sprocket require different characteristics to maximize performance. Ideally, the center on a key drive sprocket is hard for strength, while the teeth are manufactured for superior wear and reduced friction.

But that means you need to fabricate the sprocket from multiple materials. At Diversified Plastics that’s exactly what we do — We mold drive sprocket bores and keyways out of a high-strength copolymer and fuse them with high-wear injection-molded UHMW teeth.

The combination can be varied by sprocket type. For example, an idler sprocket wears better with a center molded from UHMW. So we put UHMW idler bores and UHMW teeth all fused together with rigid copolymer intermediate plates for strength. We can even mix different kinds of polymers in pieces that are 100 percent injection molded. The variations are endless and can be matched to your specific requirements.

Independent labs have tested MultiFab Sprockets and found them to be more durable and longer wearing. Most impressively, they reduce waste and labor cost. In other words, you get a superior sprocket at a better price.

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