MultiFab Technology™

At Diversified Plastics, we can machine, fabricate, cast, injection mold, vacuum form and even machine steel components. We have the ability to combine our technologies, blend our plastics and merge our processes to form single products or multi-stage components — all under one roof. These capabilities made MultiFab Technology possible.

We developed MultiFab to address a simple truth — different sprockets and components require different qualities for maximum performance. For example, nylon has great tensile strength and is perfect for the key section drive bore, but tends to wear out faster than polyurethanes when used for teeth. Conversely UHMW makes excellent wearing teeth and idler bores, but doesn’t stand up as well to the drive power when used for keyways.

With MultiFab, you get the best of both worlds. Sprocket centers that are molded, cast or machined with the appropriate engineered polymer and teeth that are machined, cast or molded on with a material unique to its design and function.

The result, according to independent lab reports, is impressive. MultiFab sprockets are stronger and wear better than sprockets made of a single material. Plus, the process actually reduces material waste and, in many cases, labor costs.

In short, MultiFab delivers a superior product at a better price.