Our Expertise

Our Expertise

At Diversified Plastics, we work closely with clients in a wide range of industries. We use a variety of polymers. We employ multiple fabrication processes — machining, urethane casting, vacuum forming and injection molding. We offer comprehensive drafting and testing services. But what sets Diversified Plastics apart more than anything is how we use our capabilities to solve a customer's unique challenges.

  • To offer our customers a cost-effective alternative, we developed a unique way of injection molding UHMW Virgin and Regrind materials that sets us apart worldwide.
  • To create better wearing, less expensive sprockets, we developed MultiFab Technology, a process that combines materials with different strength and wear characteristics.
  • To reduce wear on sprockets and chains, we devised and patented chain tensioners that are remarkably easy to install and remove.
  • To hit tight schedules, we’ve painstakingly developed comprehensive project management protocols, perfecting them over the past 30 years.
  • To ensure quality throughout an entire run, we employ our ISO Equivalent standards and our Continual Improvement Process to test, review and modify during manufacturing.

Our expertise has served dozens of industries and delivered thousands upon thousands of parts — from tight-tolerance sprockets for international leaders in wastewater to handsome tap handles for a local Montana brewery.

Our range of capabilities and depth of experience enables us to overcome production issues other companies cannot. We’re able to choose the right process and material — even combine processes and materials — to suit the specification or challenge at hand.

We see ourselves not as a manufacturer, but as an innovator that continually looks for ways to improve the life of a product and reduce procurement and maintenance costs.