CAPABILITY: Injection Molding

INDUSTRY: Forest Products

INDUSTRY 2: Wood Products

Used in rip saws, gang saws, slat bed saws, etc., gripping pads hold down, grab and automatically pull wood product through the cutting saw blades. Optimally, gripping pads are manufactured to be strong, ridged and durable as well as soft to the touch for a secure gripping action. An overmolding process is the perfect process to manufacture this type of saw equipment component.

Diversified Plastics’ overmolding capability is unique in that it combines materials and processes to yield a multi-functioning product that can provide a greater purpose than a single material product. In this application, we’ve combined a machined steel core plate with pressed-in bushings, with an overmolded black polyolefin material for low-sliding friction and then an overmolded (red) high grip thermoplastic elastomer for an exterior high grip finish. All of these materials and processes make for a product that meets the customer’s specifications and functions well in the equipment. Any one material alone was unable to perform all the duties, thus this option of overmolding is perfect for certain applications.


  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Secure gripping action


  • Gripping pads for saw equipment
  • Hold down pads


  • Polyolefin for low-sliding friction
  • Machined steel plates
  • High-grip thermoplastic elastomer for a high-grip finish