Solar Panel Bearings

Solar BearingsThe solar industry is now thriving and growing daily. The industry’s ongoing challenge is to harness solar energy at its peak strength — new panel mounting devices are being developed and continually improved upon to meet this goal.

Diversified Plastics came up with an injection-molded plastic bearing for use in mounting now-moveable solar power panels. With this bearing, one particular OEM now mounts its solar panels on bearings that rock on an axis to follow the sun — so each panel captures the most direct sunlight possible.

This OEM came to us needing a bearing for its panel mountings that offered low friction characteristics, high load capacity, and was shock resistant and UV stabilized. The bearing material chosen was UHMW-PE. The quantities needed were great enough that manufacturing the panel mounting devices by machining or compression molding was neither efficient nor cost-effective. Diversified Plastics’ injection-molded reprocessed-UHMW capabilities made it cost-effective, producible in large quantities and accomplished in a "green" process for an industry that enjoys boasting about it.


  • Low friction characteristics, shock resistant
  • High load capacity
  • Environmentally sound: green manufacturing process using recycled/reprocessed products


  • UHMW-PE for UV protection