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Custom Sprocket

Custom 720 Sprockets

Diversified Plastics can custom manufacture 720 Series Sprockets to meet your exact needs. Give us your detailed specifications — including special length through bore, hub diameter or material requests — and we will assure proper fit, form and function.

Drive Sprocket

Drive Sprockets (78 series)

We offer fully nonmetallic dished drive sprockets (78 Series) that feature our durable polyurethane dish hub. To meet a wide range of demands, the replaceable bolt on segmental teeth is available in UHMW-PE, nylon, polyurethane or delrin.

Also, we offer nonmetallic 78 Series Sprockets (2.609-inch pitch) in a variety of configurations and materials. All of our nonmetallic materials are corrosion resistant and designed to maximize chain service life. Standard sizes range from seven to 15 teeth. Standard styles include A-plate, hub on one side, hub on both sides, drive sprocket, split and special. To meet your needs, these sprockets can be manufactured using UHMW-PE, nylon, polyurethane or delrin.

Shear Pin Sprocket

Shear Pin Sprocket

(78 Series, 2.609-inch pitch)

Diversified Plastics offers both a stainless steel body with plastic sprocket rim design and a nonmetallic urethane body with nylon sprocket rim design. Typically made for heavy-duty applications, we include the shear pin with the sprocket assembly to meet your required torque value or pin neck diameter.

Replacement Teeth

Replacement Teeth

Diversified Plastics can manufacture tooth segments to fit your existing hubs — 720 Series, 78 Series and more. Our custom replacement segments interface with cast iron, as well as with plastic hubs that allow for replacement teeth.

Static Shaft Sleeve Bushing

Split Static Sleeve Bushing

Our high-quality nonmetallic components are ideal for new installations as well as for retrofits. Our standard bushings are made of Nyloil®, Polyurethane or of black UHMW-PE for self-lubrication. In addition to our range of standard sizes and materials, we can customize to meet your specific requirements. All hardware provided is 304 stainless steel unless otherwise specified.

Jaw Clutch

Jaw Clutch Shear Pin Drive Sprocket Assembly

Built for easy installation, and shipping with one shear pin per unit, our nonmetallic shear pin sprockets protect down line equipment without threat of seizure due to corrosion. These products will not rust. As true throughout our product line, special tooth and bore configurations are available.  Also available are replaceable sprocket rims.

Wear Shoes

Carry and Return Wear Shoes

While we manufacture wear shoes in a variety of materials, all our shoes are molded solid one-piece construction. Built to meet your detailed specifications, Diversified Plastics’ wear shoes give you the proper fit, form and function needed.

Flight Filler Blocks

Flight Filler Blocks

Lightweight and chemical resistant, we offer filler blocks for both 720 and H-78 assemblies. Our standard filler blocks are made of impact-modified polypropylene; other materials are available. Our full-depth blocks are designed to fill the flight board and provide a snug, secure fit.

Wear Strip


Whether starter wearstrip or filler wearstrip, ours are manufactured from black reprocessed UHMW-PE for UV protection as well as superior abrasion resistance. (Virgin UHME is available upon request.) Our wearstrips — standard or custom — are corrosion resistant, absorb no moisture and protect rails and opposing parts.

Wall Bracket

Wall Brackets

An essential part of any tank overhaul, the Diversified Plastics’ nonmetallic wall bracket is lightweight, rugged and easy to install. Retrofits are simplified with vertical adjustment, and slotted mounting holes that allow for various anchor bolt sizes and spacing; our wall brackets can be fabricated to length or to be cut to length in the field. They come in a variety of materials to meet your pricing and application requirements.

Take Up Arm

Take Up Arm

Because proper drive chain tension is essential to smooth operation and maximum service life of your tank drive components, Diversified Plastics manufactures a versatile nonmetallic tensioner, take up frame for use in maintaining tank drive systems.

Steel Cap Split Bearings

Steel Cap Split Bearings

Our steel cap split bearings are designed to outlast conventional babbit pillow blocks: heavy-duty welded steel housings are powder coated for corrosion resistance and combined with easily replaceable no-lube UHMW inserts. These bearings solve problems in the harshest industrial environments. Diversified Plastics offers a range of standard two-bolt and four-bolt sizes, in addition to the capability to offer custom sizes and materials.