Wastewater Solutions

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Over the past decade, Diversified Plastics has become a leading provider of sprockets and other plastic components to the wastewater industry. This is, in part, because many treatment facilities are moving away from metal and toward plastic components.

  • Plastic components are much lighter than steel, reducing shipping costs and making them far easier and less labor-intensive to install.
  • Plastic components are as or more durable than steel and reduce friction, which lengthens the life of the mating components and also lowers energy consumption.
  • Plastic components not only cost less to purchase upfront, they reduce long-term maintenance costs.

Diversified Plastics has also become a leader because of our approach to the wastewater business. We are creative, engineering-minded problem solvers. And it shows.

  • Our equipment is fitted to run cost effectively for high-volume or low-volume product runs, making it affordable to work with us on unique pieces.
  • Our diverse capabilities encompass every process specified for sprocket fabrication, so we can meet your requirements, whatever they may be.
  • Our proprietary MultiFab processes include the ability to combine materials in a single sprocket for superior durablity and wear at a remarkably competitive price.
  • Our testing capabilities ensure that products meet or exceed the specifications required by the application.

In addition, we work closely with the leading chain manufacturers in the industry. We visit job sites across the country to review installation methods and to assess customer needs. We’ve even hosted end users at our facility to show our unique processes and the results.