What's New

The world changes and knowledge grows, daily. At Diversified Plastics our professional team works hard to continually improve old and create new designs and processes that help our customers meet their needs both today and in their changing, growing futures.

  • Food Processing: Metal Detectable Plastic Components FDA Metal Detectable Additive — Metal detectable plastics have the potential to save food and drug plants money while still ensuring product goes out the door contamination free. We put it to the test.
  • Egg Rollers Diversified Plastics now offers several standard sizes and colors of egg rollers — plus the ability to customize to meet particular needs. This is just one area of our continuing work to improve a customer’s ability to convey and sort products.
  • Solar Panel Bearings Our new injection-molded plastic bearing, when used in the mounting mechanism for solar panels, lets a solar panel move to follow the sun.
  • Marsh Buggy Wear Pads Made with injection molded UHMW, our wear pads meet industry’s needs for strong high-wear, cost-effective, self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant wear pads for marsh buggy tracks and other uses.
  • Potato Size Rollers These products start with sorting, tumbling and conveying potatoes, from baby reds to entrée-size russets. But we also know there’s a world beyond potatoes: With our ability to manufacture rollers in the full range of material hardness, dimensions and spacing, we help clients handle and sort almost anything — from the delicate egg to the range of material that goes through an industrial recycling center.